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The hotel is located amidst 22 acres of gardens near two major cities in Tunisia: the city of Monastir is about 8 km and 12 km from the city of Sousse, easily accessible by public transport: tourist train , bus, metro or taxis.

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Monastir is a Tunisian coastal city Sahel located on a peninsula in south-eastern Gulf of Monastir, about twenty miles east of Sousse and 162 kilometers south of Tunis.

Monastir is a part, with Kairouan and Sousse, the first settlements founded in Arab Ifriqiya (now Tunisia), and is built on the ruins of the ancient Punic-Roman city of Ruspina whose existence spans almost ten centuries , the fourth century BC. BC to the sixth century AD. AD

Left behind under the French protectorate in Tunisia, Monastir regains its status, becoming the capital of the governorate of the same name, because it is the birthplace of the new president Habib Bourguiba is done there then build a mausoleum a presidential palace near the city. Bourguiba Mosque was erected in his honor and the international airport of Monastir also bears his name. Monastir is now a major university city, students representing a fifth of the population. With Sousse and Sfax. It is also, since the 1960s, one of the most important centers of the Tunisian tourism sector, particularly for its seaside resort of Skanes.


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